Salcito, Italy
Official photograph of Magister Cammeresi

The Magister Cammeresi
(above: Salcito, Italy)

Sidney August Cammeresi IV

Beware of imitations!

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From November 2011, I have been employed at Clustrix, where I am a Staff Software Engineer, working on our distributed, fault-tolerant, MySQL-compatible database server. I specialize in low-level UNIX system software.

My past jobs comprise:

For more information about my work experience, please look at my résumé. As a dual citizen of the US and Italy, I am eligible for employment anywhere in the US or EU/EEA.




From August 2009 until March 2011, my wife and I lived in Rome, Italy. It was quite an adventure.

I have had a web page since 1996, and I enjoy working on it, which some people might find kind of strange. This is the 2⅘-th version.


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