Salcito, Italy
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The Magister Cammeresi
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The Great Seal

Sidney August Cammeresi IV

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From November 2011, I have been employed at Clustrix, where I am a Staff Software Engineer, working on our distributed, fault-tolerant, MySQL-compatible database server. I've worked on all sorts of things: permissions, partitioning, Infiniband, logging, the global transaction manager, the compiler, and performance.

My specialties are Linux and UNIX systems, low-level system software, and product or subsystem overhauls.

My past, post-schooling jobs comprise:

2007-2011 — Quest Software, Senior Software Engineer
2004-2007 — Telsasoft, Software Engineer
2003-2004 — University of Illinois, Visiting Software Development Specialist

For more information about my work experience, please look at my résumé. As a dual citizen of the US and Italy, I am eligible for employment anywhere in the US or EU/EEA.


My academic degrees are:

2015 — Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University
2003 — Master of Computer Science from the University of Illinois
2000 — BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois


My lovely wife Sara and I got married on 29 December 2006 at Edinburgh, Scotland. Before that, we dated for 2.39 years and were engaged for 0.40 years. Our daughter Violet was born on 10 October 2011, and our daughter Linnea was born on 24 April 2016.


I like ultra-large format photography. My primary camera is a Wisner 11x14 view camera. This camera requires some big lenses, so I use a Nikkor-M 450/9 (normal) and a Schneider G-Claron 305/9 (slightly wide). The camera itself weighs 20 pounds, so when I want to photograph far from the car, I load it onto a small luggage cart and wheel it around.


I am a UNIX user and primarily use Mac OS X, OpenBSD, and Linux. I once contributed to OpenBLT, a free, microkernel-based operating system, and I wrote Bringing SMP to Your UP Operating System.


Some of my hobbies, in pseudorandom order, are:

I like reading magazines and newspapers. Some of my current favourites are, in order of the ancienty of my subscription:

My subscriptions alumnae include:

From August 2009 until March 2011, my wife and I lived in Rome, Italy. It was quite an adventure.

I have had a web page since 1996, and I enjoy working on it, which some people might find kind of strange. This is the 2⅘-th version.


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