The Lectures of Dr Leonard Peikoff

Are you interested in when Dr Peikoff gave each of his lectures? Do you want to listen to them chronologically? That's what I wanted to do, too!

Unfortunately, these data are not overly easy to find. Not all of the ARI Bookstore's product pages have the date of the lecture series, so sometimes you just have to order the lectures and see what date is printed on the tapes or CDs. Sometimes that date isn't right though, as it may be a year later than when the lectures were given!

Through some research, asking on HBL, and correspondence, I have compiled the following list.

Year Lecture Series
1970 Modern Philosophy: Kant to the Present
1972 Founders of Western Philosophy: Thales to Hume
1974 Introduction to Logic
1976 The Philosophy of Objectivism
1980 Objective Communication
1982 Principles of Grammar
1983 Understanding Objectivism
1985 Philosophy of Education
1987 Objectivism: The State of the Art
1989 Moral Virtue
1990 Advanced Seminars on OPAR, Part I
1991 Advanced Seminars on OPAR, Part II
1992 The Art of Thinking
1993-94    Eight Great Plays - As Literature and As Philosophy
1994 Writing: A Mini-Course
1995 Judging, Feeling, and Not Being Moralistic
1996 Unity in Epistemology and Ethics
1997 Objectivism Through Induction
1997 The Survival Value of Great (Though Philosophically False) Art
1999 Poems I Like and Why
2001-02 Induction in Physics and Philosophy
2004 The DIM Hypothesis (by telephone)
2007 The DIM Hypothesis (OCON, Part I)
2010 The DIM Hypothesis (OCON, Part II)

And don't forget about his books!

Year Title
1983 The Ominous Parallels
1991 Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
2012    The DIM Hypothesis

In the 1960s, Dr Peikoff gave his history of philosophy courses under NBI, but those lectures contained less material than did the versions he gave in the 70s. The lectures were recorded, but they are no longer available. The 1976 course was also given live a second time in 1978.

All the rest of the lectures should still be available, with the possible exception of the 2004 version of DIM. It was available for free on ARI's web site for a while, but I think it has since been taken down.

If you have any additions or corrections to this information, please contact me.


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